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Hi, I'm Lynleigh Rose. Welcome to my world! A world where miracles and magic show up regularly, and life feels supportive and abundant. 

Did you know that pleasure is our natural state?


Our bodies FEEL good, and function optimally, when we are not overloaded by stress, fear, anxiety, insecurities, or depression. Taking off these layers of muck exposes a blissful state where we are able to experience the magic of being alive on a whole new level!


​In our natural state, we feel calm, confident, and connected to our creativity! We have compassion for self and others, clarity of purpose, and courage to be who we came here to be!


Who do you want to be in this precious lifetime?

  • A stressed out mom?

  • Overwhelmed with your responsibilities?

  • Disconnected from your sensuality?

  • Unhappy in your relationship?

  • Regularly feeling bad about yourself while scrolling through all the filtered models & seemingly "perfect" lives on social media?



  • Happy with your health

  • Loving your body

  • In fulfilling relationships where you can be your authentic self

  • Following your inspired path

  • Using your gifts to make a difference in this world

  • Showing up as the mom you want to be

  • Inspiring your kids to follow their dreams!

This is your moment!

As you sit here reading this, the Universe is conspiring to help you become the goddess of your life, the woman of your dreams.


But YOU will have to take the steps to become her. You will need to show up, face your fears, step out of your comfort zone, and TRUST that God/Universe is supporting your growth and expansion. 

When you decide enough is enough, and choose to step into your full potential, you will be guided to the right people and opportunities to support you in becoming your best self.


It All starts with a choice.



If you are ready to feel the magic of choosing to transform out of Stress and into Bliss, click below to get on the waitlist!

I am passionate about supporting you in stepping into the woman you want to be, so you can live the life you came here to live.


"Working with Lynleigh has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She has helped me a ton in dealing with relationship challenges, in being able to find my own peace/bliss inside myself, being able to accept myself where I am and not rely on others’ assessments of me.” 

Eva, 33, Utah

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