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Empowered Healing 101



I am so excited to begin this 6-week journey with you into the How-Tos of emotional, mental, and physical healing!


Having been on a personal journey to understand and experience what helps people with autoimmune and chronic health issues to reverse their conditions, I have spent countless hours learning from experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology/psychiatry, quantum healing, energy healing, native healing practices, eastern healing modalities, and all forms of alternative medicine.  


Learning from all these traditions and perspectives, applying these concepts and techniques to myself, and then helping others who are on a similar path, has been my passion! So I am excited to bring you an introduction to the vast amount of information out there about how to take back your health and begin to heal from the inside out!


In my work with private clients, I teach evidence-based ways to reduce stress, work through past trauma, and learn how to navigate life in more empowered way, to create a life that is deeply fulfilling.

Here is what a few of my clients have said about working with me:

"Sessions with Lynleigh have left me feeling regularly supported, heard, and validated. She is a true guide, capable of helping you view your struggles from a new perspective. Our sessions have served as a safe space for me to share my feelings, a time for deep reflection, and have encouraged me to reconnect with my true self." Cassidy

"It has really been an eye opener to see that the brain really can affect your health. And learning that I have the power to break out of old patterns."


"Immediately Lynleigh helped me work through some of the beliefs that I’ve been holding onto. She understood and began to show me a way through, not around, not blaming others or myself. Giving me real tools that I could begin to use so that I could change myself and my reaction to those around me. Lynleigh does have a gift. God’s timing is always perfect and I am thankful that I am having a share of this gift."






Back to School is a magical time for Moms...


As the kids go back to school, many moms are wanting to get back on track in all areas of their lives. You may be dealing with a chronic health issue, and know that stress has been negatively impacting your health.


Now is the time to get a handle on your health and begin to develop healthy ways to reduce stress and create a life that works for you!


With the beginning of school, and a new season, I feel this is the perfect time to offer this program! So I've decided to offer a huge Back-to-School sale!!!

But first...


Just to give you some perspective, many of my clients work with me for years, investing tens of thousands of dollars in what I am able to do for them as an intuitive guide, space holder, and sharer of wisdom and evidence-based information to support them on their healing path. 

This 6-week program encompasses the foundation of what I cover with my clients, empowering you with all the basics that you can take with you and apply immediately. It contains resources pulled from all the latest research and presents them in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, joy-infused way (aka, we will be having fun with this! )

What is included?

- 6 modules over 6 weeks, starting

September 6, 2023

- Live classes with recordings you can keep to

watch again

- Tools, techniques, and "homework" to practice

what we cover each week

- Dedicated time for Q & A, where you can bring

up your concerns and questions at the end of each


- Big discount on private sessions if you want to begin

working with me during the course of the program

(the cost of private sessions will go back to my regular

pricing after the 6 weeks we are together)

The normal price for all this:


(Which is already low based on what you will get out of this!)

The Back-to-School Flash Sale* (50% off!):

(must sign up with $500 deposit BEFORE Aug 27):


          Pay in full*: $1500

          $500 due Aug 27

          $1000 due Sept 6

          * Includes 1 Free Private Session! 

       Payment plan A:

          Deposit: $500 due Aug 27

          Payment 1: $600 due Sept 1

          Payment 2: $600 October 1

       Payment plan B:

          Deposit: $500 due Aug 27

          Payment 1: $400 due Sept 1

          Payment 2: $400 due Oct 1

          Payment 3: $400 due Nov 1


*This is a Flash Sale, meaning, the price will go up significantly in a few days. 

If you are ready to join, Congratulations! This will be a HUGE step on your healing path. Fill out the application below and look for an email from me shortly. Looking forward to seeing you! 


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Fill out the info below and expect good things coming!

Thanks for applying!

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