Empowered Healing

An online course, community, and coaching program to empower you on your healing journey. 

Chronic conditions can feel all-consuming, and

intensify all other challenges in our lives.

But you do NOT have to suffer 

your whole life! There is hope to create a life of

joy, fulfillment, and good health.


And that is why I created Empowered Healing. 

What is Empowered Healing? 

Empowered Healing is an online course, community, one-on-one coaching, and a live retreat...

all in one!


  • Online course: Learn how to step into your power on your healing journey! This course will teach you what YOU can do to help yourself heal. You will learn how to break free from your Inner Critic, find peace despite your external circumstances, and consciously create your life. You will learn about your energetic self, and how your thoughts affect your energy which affects your physical health and what you attract into your life. You will learn how to process emotions in a healthy way so they can move through you instead of getting stuck and causing mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Everything in this course will empower you to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • Individual virtual sessions with Lynleigh: Get personalized tools and guidance to help you manage your daily challenges, and open up new perspectives and healing modalities that expand your capacity for inner peace and improve mental, emotional, and physical wellness. 

  • Private Facebook Group for community support, gaining the valuable benefit of not feeling so alone, and learning through other's experiences with similar challenges.

  • LIVE, IN-PERSON RETREAT!!  We are excited to announce that included will be a FREE ticket to a live, in-person healing retreat on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina! This will be a transformational weekend bringing together all the tools, wisdom, and healing practices you will be incorporating into your life during your work with Lynleigh. Spending time away on this beautiful island, to recharge and replenish your body and mind, alongside those you have grown close to through this deep, transformational work, will be incredible!  

  • One signed copy of Lynleigh's upcoming book, based on this course!

  • BONUS GIFT!!!!! All participants will be mailed a special bracelet with a unique combination of healing crystals, handpicked by Lynleigh, to further facilitate your healing.

“When I first met Lynleigh, I found myself in a very challenging place on my journey of healing from chronic illness. Sessions with Lynleigh have left me feeling regularly supported, heard, and validated. She is a true guide, capable of helping you view your struggles from a new perspective. Our sessions have served as a safe space for me to share my feelings, a time for deep reflection, and have encouraged me to reconnect with my true self.” 

- Cassidy, 26


“With my daughter sick, it’s really been a huge challenge, for all of us. Working with Lynleigh really saved my daughter, and our family.” - Debbie, 49

"Lynleigh has given me tools to help reduce stress so that I can thrive not just survive thru life." - Karen, 46

"Working with Lynleigh has been one of the best decisions I've ever made."- Eva, 33

"I feel so much more aligned with who I am and who I want to be." - Alex, 26

Space is extremely limited!!!






How to apply:

Fill out the application below. You will be contacted to set up a virtual interview with Lynleigh.  


ARE YOU A NEW CLIENT and not sure if this is the right program for you?

No problem! Sign up for individual sessions through this link here. Starting with one-on-one sessions is a great way to get an idea about whether this is the right next step on your healing path. 

Read more client experiences here.

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