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Not everyone knows what it's really like to live with a chronic health condition... 


You watch your friends and family go on, living their lives, while you feel stuck in a life that revolves around doctors appointments, and symptom management. 


Questions bounce around in your head late at night: 

"Why am I not getting better? What is wrong with me? Why is this happening to me? I always try my best to do everything right. This doesn't make sense."


You feel frustrated and misunderstood, wondering if there is anyone out there who can really help you... 

Hi, I'm Lynleigh Rose.

And I'm Healing Guide. 

After obtaining a Master's in Counseling, I spent the following 7 years having 3 children and raising them all over the world as a homeschooling, military spouse.


The next 6 years consisted of: 

becoming a single mom, experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, losing my health and thinking I was going to die, to finally recovering, while learning all I could about the stress disease connection and how to help myself heal. 

Lynleigh Rose

And I discovered...



 I am now on a mission to guide Beautiful Souls like you, out of the nightmare of chronic disease, and onto your healing path by holding deep, sacred space for you to:

  • Heal emotionally from past trauma, and reconnect with your True Self.

  • Become aware of your automatic subconscious patterns that negatively impact your emotional (& physical) wellbeing on a daily basis, and learn how to create healthier patterns


  • Learn tools to prioritize your health and happiness, giving your body the best chance at healing, and

  • Create a life you can thrive in!


What my clients say...

"Her empathic nature made it possible for her to see me as I am through my neurological and cognitive challenges and truly understand how I felt. Sessions with Lynleigh have left me feeling regularly supported, heard, and validated. She is a true guide, capable of helping you view your struggles from a new perspective. Our sessions have served as a safe space for me to share my feelings, a time for deep reflection, and have encouraged me to reconnect with my true self."

Cassidy, 27

It's time to activate the
Healing Power within you,
Beautiful Soul. 

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