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I see you. 

You've been through a lot.

You are tired.

You want some relief from the burdens you carry around every day. You want to feel young again, beautiful, in love.

You want to be loved and seen for who you are inside. 

But you feel broken.

The stress of your life has awakened your dark side and you are ashamed and embarrassed that others have witnessed it.

You don't know who you are anymore: 

Are you your best moments? Or your worst? 

You want to believe you have greater potential.

You want to believe you can change.

I'm here to offer you a safe space to explore what is possible for you, who you can become. 

To help you find the courage to go within, and take a closer look at your pain, so you can stop letting it control you. 

To give you tools that can help bring you more Peace, Joy, and Bliss, right now. 


It is time to stop letting your past define your future and reclaim your Divinity as the Goddess of your Life.


  • The stress of motherhood has left you feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with yourself

  • You are tired of feeling alone in your relationship, or if you are single, tired of online dating, and dating guys who are only interested in sex

  • You want to feel attractive, but can't get past those "problem areas" you notice every time you look in the mirror

  • You want to feel confident in yourself, but don't know how, or what's holding you back

  • You want to ENJOY your life, your family, your job, and you want to find a partner...before it's too late

If this is exactly what you need right now, I'm so happy you're here! 


Here is the line up of what I am offering this year to support you on your journey:

1. "Become the Goddess of Your Life": 

My 6- Week Signature Course

If you want a solid foundational understanding of how to stop living in your mind, how to identify your Inner Critic and learn ways to stop letting it control you, and what you can do right now to uncover your True Beauty, learn to tune into your Inner Wisdom, and ways to create more of what you want in your life, this is for you! 

You will gain insights and tools to:

  • BECOME your Best Self

  • ATTRACT Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships

  • CREATE a life you actually enjoy living 

  • FEEL Beautiful in your skin

  • TUNE into your Pleasure


  • Weekly Lessons delivered via email

    (Value $35!)

Eye-opening, soul-inspiring chapters from my yet-to-be-published book to increase your awareness of the inner workings of your mind, and learn ways to live more aligned with Peace, Love, and Abundance.  

  • Weekly Live Video Training Call w/ Q&A (Value $600!)

Learn how to incorporate the concepts from the reading into your daily life as we meet as a group online, and talk about practical ways to live more in alignment with our Inner Goddess. 

  • A Supportive Tribe of Soul Sisters & Online Support from me

    (Value: $200!)

Be part of our private Facebook group to connect with like minded souls who are on this journey alongside you, and receive online support from me throughout the week.


  • BONUS: 2 Private Coaching Sessions!  (Value: $250!)

To get more individualized, private support for your particular challenges, during our 6 weeks together! I personally love connecting one on one with those in my courses, so that I can more fully support you through the course.

Total Value: $1085!


Your Price today: $247*

                      (or 2 payments of $125)

* This Price is only available this week, then it will go up to the original price of $347



This Course begins January 12, 2019. 



Beautiful Sisters,

This is 2019! And it is your year of stepping into your True Power and showing up NOW as the Goddess of your Life!  

No more hiding, no more gliding along!

If not now, then when??! 

I believe in you!

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot and declare your commitment to showing up for yourself this year!



2. Goddess Awakening Mastermind:


This is a Mastermind Group for those who have taken my 6-week course and are seriously committed to using their Goddess Power to Create a Life that is aligned with their deepest desires. 


  • Weekly inspirational video calls

      (recorded & posted for later viewing if unable to make it)

  • Private facebook group- a safe place to share your struggles and find support and coaching from me 

  • Optional Private coaching sessions at a Discounted Rate for those enrolled.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the

Goddess Awakening Mastermind! 


3. Private coaching: 

I am available for both men and women, who are feeling stuck, and wanting to awaken their Potential, and begin to align their life with it. 

I'm currently offering 30% OFF your first month of coaching (in January). If you want to explore this option,  


CLICK HERE for a free consultation!


4. FREE Facebook Group:

Connect with other soul sisters in our facebook group "Goddess Awakening Tribe" where I will share insights, do livestreams, and announce my future offerings! 

CLICK HERE to join the Facebook Group!



What my clients have said about working with me:

"I've been able to look people in the eye and stand taller. I don't feel uncomfortable; I don't feel ashamed. I feel like this is me; this is who I am. It just hit me when I looked at a cashier, and I looked her in the face and smiled. This is what I was missing for so many years. I was so miserable. I never knew how much I have to offer this world. I don't ever need to be ashamed of myself again."  

Laura, 37

“I have felt so much more comfortable in my own skin since working with you as my life coach. The exercises you have given me have helped me learn to connect with myself on a deeper level. I am more in tune when feelings rise in my body. I am getting better at letting my feelings flow and following my intuition. I feel so much more aligned with who I am and who I want to be.”

Alex, 26

"Working with Lynleigh has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  She has helped me a ton in dealing with relationship challenges, in being able to find my own peace/bliss inside myself, being able to accept myself where I am and not rely on others’ assessments of me, and in moving forward with personal goals I have. She has a great way of being non-judgmental, helping me see myself as a beautiful person, while simultaneously helping me look deeper into what is really going on in order to make the changes/improvements I want to make in my life."

Eva, 33


CLICK HERE  to declare your commitment to becoming the Goddess of your Life in 2019!


As soon as you make this commitment to yourself, the Universe will bring you exactly what you need to become your Highest Version. 

And I will be there to help you navigate through it, to give you tools and resources, to bring you to the support and love of your sisters who are on this path as well. 

We are all in this together! <3 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns:

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