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How To Attract What You Want

Does life just happen or do you take an active part in creating your reality?

A highly debated question.

Rather than debate it here, though, I would like to share with you my personal experience lately, as I have become more clear in my desires.

Over the past almost 2 years, my mindset has dramatically shifted as I have left the church I was raised in. While in the church, I prayed at least morning and night, asking to know "God's will" for me. I thought "He" knew best, and would guide me to the life I "should" lead.

I spent very little time pondering what made me happy. I felt that thinking about my own happiness was actually a very selfish way to spend my time. Instead I tried to focus on how I could help others, which was a central part of my religion. But I have recently learned a higher truth:

Unless we connect with the divine within us and cultivate unconditional self love, we cannot fulfill our potential and truly love others, which is the ultimate purpose of life.

Now, I believe that God, or "the universe," wants us to be happy. And that our happiness IS "His will." Instead of there being a certain way for me to live that I constantly ask God to direct me towards, I have discovered that:

My purpose is to reach within myself, figure out my deepest desires, and then pursue them.

Simple as that.

But why is this the purpose of life?

Here's the answer (sit down, we're getting deep here):

As you pursue those things which bring you true joy, you will help the universe to expand, as it has been doing since the beginning of time. And, I believe what Teal Swan explains: "More expansion can come from those people who line up with what they want, than from those who never find out what they want."

So...how do you get what you want (aka "manifest your desires")?

1. Identify what you want right now.

What is it that your heart desires more than anything?

I, for example, have had a huge desire for real-life, in person connections with people who I could relate to: real friends, who inspire me to grow and challenge me to learn more, uplifting and positive people on the same vibrational wavelength as I am.

2. Visualize how you would FEEL if you had what you wanted.

If you visualize what your future husband or future job or whatever will specifically look like, then you will actually be limiting the universe in its ability to send you what you really want.

For example, if you say you want a guy who is 6 feet tall, with dark hair, wears glasses, and has 3 tattoos, the universe will have to give you that. When, in fact, there might be someone else out there who doesn't fit that exact description but, with whom you could find greater happiness.

So it's best to take out the specifics, and focus instead on the feeling of having what it is that you want, and let the universe deliver that to you, drawing from the huge resources of this world.

3. Go live your life.

Put yourself out there, take steps, move forward. You can't get to where you're going if you don't put the key in the ignition and press down on the gas pedal.

The beautiful thing about the universe is that once you start moving in the world, and interacting with your fellow humans, there will be so many opportunities to bump into your desires.

4. Expect to find what you're looking for.

Keep your eyes open at all times. Don't let opportunities pass you by.

If you feel a soulful connection while talking to the person giving out samples at Trader Joe's, ask for their number and be grateful to have made a new friend. Who knows where it will go, but if you never take the steps to appreciate what is placed in your path, you may miss out on what the universe is trying to give you.


As we become more aware of this universal "law," the Law of Attraction, that states we attract what we desire, we will see our desires manifest before our very eyes.

Not always in the way we think they will come, or in the time frame. Getting frustrated, being doubtful and negative will only bring more negativity and you won't actually get what you want because the message you are sending the universe is "This isn't going to work. I'm not going to get what I want."

But if we identify our desires, visualize how we will feel with them, move forward in our lives, keeping our mindset positive and expecting to find what we want, we will find it.

Don't take my word for it; try it and see for yourself.


Final Words: Resisting the urge to judge others' desires

As we evolve and progress towards enlightenment, our desires will become more pure. However, given that we are all imperfect beings and not yet fully enlightened, it is not our place to judge another's desires. Unless they are directly harming someone else, we have no business condemning someone as superficial, materialistic, or anything else.

Judging someone only puts up a wall of separation between ourselves and the people we are judging.

It is not our place, or our business to say that a person is not on the right path, since we cannot see into another's soul.

Our job is to let people make their own choices.

We must let them live their own lives according to what they feel is the best way to live. And we must love them as they are, in this moment, knowing that they are on their journey, just as we are, learning and growing every day.

Mistakes are beautiful. It is the divine pure self learning.

Everyone's journey is the right one for them, because it is their path to growth. We don't need to be sad, or deeply hurt if someone chooses a different path than ours. Sometimes we feel pain when we see our loved ones in pain.

But pain is simply our perception that something is not going the way we think it "should" go.

So we are probably in a lot more pain than they are.

Also, we cannot forsee their trials, or our own, or the way in which they will handle the obstacles in their lives. And anyway, trials are opportunities for growth, not misfortunes to avoid at all costs.

The universe is teaching everyone what they need to learn though their life experiences. Everyone is ok, right where they are at this moment.

Including you, Beautiful Reader. And including your children, young or grown. Take in a deep breath and exhale. Now say aloud, "Everyone is ok, exactly where they are right now."

As you let go of judgment, fear, and worry about loved ones on different life paths, or about not seeing things line up the way you want in your life, you will open yourself up to greater peace, hope, and connection with the universe, which you are an active part of.

In that sacred space, you will see clearly into your own soul, and gain insight into what you want. Using the four steps above to manifest your deepest desires, I wonder what you will attract into your life.

The possibilities are endless.

(Here is my impromptu video about my own experience seeing the Law of Attraction work in my own life recently)

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