How Being a Server Has Made Me a Better Mother

Do you have small children at home? Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid?!

Here's an impromptu video I made the other day while driving home from my server job (which I do on the weekends). This was totally unscripted, and hardly edited, but I feel that my words could possibly help some of you hardworking mamas out there, so I'm sharing this as is. Just imagine we're sitting down having a chat over coffee... or decaf, or whatever you drink (no judgement!).

Namaste, beautiful souls!

P.S. If anyone is wondering why I make videos of myself talking while driving, it's because my life is extremely busy right now and this is the only time! Also, when inspiration strikes, I turn on my camera, and it usually happens to be while I'm driving by myself on long stretches of country road on the weekends. :)

P.P.S. Just to clarify, in my previous post I talked about going on an interview to be a cocktail waitress at a strip club. As I stated in the post, I declined to job offer and chose to work as a server in a vegan/vegetarian restaurant instead.

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#parenting #motherhood #selflove #selfdevelopment

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