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We are all Mirrors

As human beings, we look to others to understand who we are. Our confidence soars when we get asked out; we fall into depression when rejected. Unfortunately, many of us live our lives at the mercy of other people's opinions of us.

I coach my clients to uncover their own inner beauty and find confidence from within. This allows them to face rejection and mistreatment by others, without taking it personally.

But today I want to focus on the power we have to lift others up.

While other's self image is not our responsibility, we can take a step back, and see that the way we treat people carries a lot more influence than we realize.

Until we can all look within and see our true beauty without filter, why not help people out by giving them a glimpse into the beauty we ourselves see in them?

Imagine a world where people can be unaffected by negativity because they are so connected to the beauty and love within them. Where they become beacons of hope for those around them, instead of wallowing in self pity and tearing others down due to their own insecurities.

Let's help people wake up to who they really are by showing them the light we see within them!

When people start to see their light, they begin to see their connectedness to all other lights around them. They begin to see their limitless potential to bring more light and love to the world that we share.

Let's be generous with our sincere compliments of everyone we have the honor of knowing. Find their beauty and be a mirror into their souls. Help lift others up.

This is the way to a brighter future. This is the way to world peace. This is the way to love.


Take Action:

Be a mirror to help your friends and family see the good you see in them.

I challenge you to pick the first 5 friends on your friends list and share something positive about each one on your facebook wall. Then tag them in your post, and ask them to do the same for their first 5 friends.

Use hashtag #mirrorthelove

Ready, set, go!

P.S. Don't forget to "Like", share, and/or comment below!

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