It's ok to have a bad day.

I took this video last week, a few days after moving in to my new house and after a 2 day road trip from North Carolina to Illinois... with 3 kids.

I was still without any of my household goods (no beds, couch, hardly any kitchen supplies) and had my kids with very time alone. This was one of the first moments I had to myself.

So in this transition state, while also taking care of 3 kids, I was feeling super unattractive and totally out of my zone.

But guess what?

It's ok to feel like crap sometimes!

And it doesn't define us in any way.

We are constantly changing and growing. We will always have difficult challenges no matter how much we grow. Why? Because...

Life is our greatest teacher.

Women additionally have a fluctuation in hormones every month which makes us even more emotional at times.

The key is letting ourselves feel the discomfort, accept our emotions as part of what makes us human and alive, and then move through it, ride the wave, until it is over, keeping our thoughts loving and kind towards ourselves.

And always remember: bad days don't last forever!

Let go of the negative voice inside you, that puts you down for having a hard day every so often.

Love yourself on your good days AND on your bad days.

Get support if you can, but if it's not there, be your own support and talk it out alone. (Tried and true secret!)

You are beautiful. I hope you can feel it. Namaste beautiful souls!

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