Surrender to Life

Sit down for a few minutes with me, and imagine being tossed around by strong wind, in a beautiful park surrounded by trees.

This innocent wind can also becomes a hurricane, or tornado. Rain can turn to hard pieces of ice, stinging your back and shoulder with each shot from the sky. Storms rage, earthquakes shake, lightening strikes...

Why is it so much easier to accept the unpredictability of nature, but when our lives don't go as planned, or people treat us certain ways, we get extremely frustrated?

We hold on to this idea of how we think thing should be, how we feel our life should be.

But when we let go of that, and let life happen just the way it does, and stop holding on to the way we want it to be...

When we surrender to it, letting go of our attachment to certain outcomes and just trust the process of life...

We start attracting beautiful things into our lives.

We uncover truths about ourselves, release blocks to our happiness, and welcome new opportunities to grow. We soar to new heights.

Life is wise. Trust the process.

When we love everything that we have, right here in this moment, suddenly there is more beauty to be found every day. And it gets better and better and better.

Embrace the chaos, the unpredictability.

Take some deep breaths and tell your mind:

"Everything is ok just the way it is. Accept the present moment."

And with acceptance come peace, love, forgiveness. And suddenly the wind will blow you in the direction that is for the highest good of all.

And you start to flow with the universe in a beautiful way.

Namaste, beautiful souls!

Click on my video to hear these thoughts as they came to me the other day:

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