Why were you born into that body?

Do you ever feel like your body isn't an accurate representation of who you are?

That the body you were born into holds you back from letting your true light shine?

That people don't take you seriously, don't respect your opinions, don't listen to you, because of some part of your physical form that you were born with? Skin color, body type, breast size, hair color, gender, to name a few?

I'm here to tell you that your outer appearance is NOT a reflection of your inner light. Our bodies are simply vessels which hold the brilliant energy within us.

So often, though, we judge people based on their physical appearance. This leads to inequality, discrimination, and an inability to see people for who they really are.

But aren't our bodies a reflection of how we take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically? And thus somewhat of a reflection of who we are inside?

Click below to watch my video:

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