Preorder my book: "Leaving the Tribe"

It wasn’t until I left Mormonism that I realized what a huge part of my identity it had become.

My whole life revolved around this church. From how I viewed the world, other people, and myself, to how I lived my life. Everything I did was in alignment with the teachings of this church.

Now that I no longer believed it was true, I had to make a decision:

Was I going to continue my life in the same way, participating in church, just with a lack of faith?

Or was I going to align my life with my true feelings, and leave it behind?

The former was not an option for me. I could not continue to participate in a church that I did not believe in.

I knew I had to leave it.

What happened next was an intense journey many refer to as a "faith crisis." A time I grappled with deep existential questions I previously thought I had the answers to.

With the loss of my faith, I felt an urgent need to explore myself outside of the religious paradigm I grew up with. I wanted to discover who I really was, now that my Mormon identity had been ripped away.

But how could I embark on this existential journey when my own parents, even my husband, were convinced I had lost my way?

How could I stay in a marriage that was so confining, so empty, so void of any emotional or intellectual connection? A marriage that had begun because he had been the righteous priesthood bearer I thought I needed, not the man I truly loved.

I wondered, "Do human beings really have the potential and the right to have a fulfilling relationship in their lives? Or are we destined to live out our past mistakes, and 'endure to the end'?"

What is the right path for me, now that my beliefs have shifted so drastically? And when I discover it, how can I find the strength and courage to follow it, when others may think less of me?

I needed clarity on how to proceed. I couldn’t keep living a lie. "This is my one life, as far as I know," I thought, "and I want to make the most of it."

I am writing this book to help those who feel lost, rejected by family, stuck, unsure how to move towards a fulfilling life because they don’t want to hurt those around them even more than they already have.

This book is the result of having a complete inner transformation, and subsequent amazing success working with clients as an exmormon life coach.

I have felt deeply called to share what I have learned and what is making such a profound impact in others' lives. I cannot keep these things to myself anymore.

To all of you who are going through the darkness and confusion of a faith crisis, to those who are searching, seeking, for a better life, for a life that feels more like your own, this book is for you.

I will be giving away the first 10 books for free, so email me ( if you want to be added to the preorder list.

Love you all. There is hope. You are not alone.

Namaste, beautiful souls!

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