I am doing DAILY Facebook Lives for a Month!

Starting this week, I will be going LIVE on Facebook around 8pm PST, sharing tidbits of helpful info on how to live more in alignment with our authentic selves.

I will be sharing what I share with my clients, as well as ways I incorporate these concepts into my personal life.

So if you want some inspiration before going to bed, tune in!

All videos will subsequently be posted on my youtube channel and blog.

Topics may include:

- Break free from your Inner Critic

- How to tap into your intuition

- 9 months without makeup: What I learned

- Reclaim your sexuality- for former Mormons

- Conscious dating/sex

- How yoga changed my life

- Turning your triggers into insights/Using challenges for your personal growth

- How to recognize unhealthy relationships and what to do about it

- Nudism- what it's really all about

- Why I left the Mormon church

- How to survive a faith crisis

- Confirmation Bias and the Law of Attraction

Please comment below with any topics you see that you would be interested in and any others you want to hear me address.

So add me on facebook if you haven't already, and "Like" my coaching page here to stay in the loop!

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

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