Staying Busy Keeps Us in the Matrix

Hope you are enjoying your holidays! Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Tybee Island, about an hour away. It was perfect weather again (73), gorgeous day, and I had more quiet time to sit with myself, breathe, meditate, get present.

As I have had an abundance of quiet time lately, with my kids being with their dad for Christmas this year, I have realized how much staying busy keeps us in the matrix. By matrix, I mean a disconnection from the truth of who we are. Without awareness of ourselves, our true nature, we fall into patterns & traps that keep us living in lower frequencies, energetically. We get sick, when we are not connected to our true Selves.

So often, us humans fill our time with activities, things to do, places to go, without allowing ourselves time to just sit and observe the world around us. We are afraid of being with ourselves, without something to do. I want to tell you something that will dramatically accelerate your healing: Beyond boredom lies a truly magical, magnificent world just waiting to be discovered.

There are clues about who we are in nature: in the way the leaves fall, the sun shines, and the dragonflies hover above the water. There are answers about our purpose transmitted from the trees, if we get quiet enough to look up and ask for guidance. The wind blows life through our bodies, pushing us forward, on our healing path, if we let it. The glistening leaves remind us that our world is a magical place, if we take the time to truly see.

I just saw the new Matrix movie and I highly recommend everyone see it. Because, friends, we have the choice if we are going to keep taking the blue pill, and stay inside the illusion, continue the patterns that tear us apart and cause suffering in the collective, or take the red pill, and wake up.

Many people decide to stay because leaving can feel terrifying at first- just like in the movie, when they wake up it’s dark and creepy! But the darkness is real! And it’s only by facing the truth & taking the red pill, that we can become free! Aware! Awake! And that doesn’t mean life is perfect. But we now have awareness of how to stop the programs that have downloaded into our brains, all the false beliefs we internalized over the years, that keep us stuck in a disconnected state. And we can override it & create something better. We can tune into the beauty, the splendor, the absolute joy, of being alive on this planet.

As I drove into Savannah yesterday, I was listening to a song that, to me, had the energy of the reality of what we are facing in this very real matrix. I listened to it, then a few more of their songs played. And folks, I had no idea Bassnectar has a song “The Matrix,” but it came on as I was crossing the bridge. I have learned that synchronicities happen as winks/messages from those outside the matrix, outside this realm, validating that I am on my path.

My mission is to give people the red pill, as I took it about 7 years ago when I first saw a hole, a glitch, in this current reality. This meant leaving the religion I was raised in, t