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Your World is a Reflection of Your Mind

Just got back from a week in Tulum! I had the most amazing time, but most significant has been the profound inner transformation I have yet again experienced. Getting into the jungle has allowed me to go into a deeper awareness of who I am in my core.

Through powerful Breathwork, kundalini, yoga, and sound healings, I shifted out of my limited mind and went on a journey into my essence, my core self, feeling the energy inside my being.

This awareness of my core essence was what first woke me up a little over 7 years ago. To sense who I am inside my soul was a profound experience that transformed the course of my life, and dramatically changed how I experienced life.

So here I found myself, in Tulum Mexico, sitting in the healing space of Holistika, more than 7 years later, returning to that place inside me in deeper ways.

Knowing and feeling who I am allows me to curate my thoughts to align more with truth, love, expansion, and to identify more quickly limited, distorted thoughts & beliefs that arise from past programming & from the protective parts of my brain.

This self awareness allows me to process current difficult experiences from a place of power instead of feeling disempowered, and like a victim.

This reduces trauma, since trauma stored in the body is the result of not having the tools & awareness to process what has happened in a way that connects you to your self. When we can see things more clearly, this perspective allows us to experience different thoughts & emotions than the automatic ones, and hence our actions come from a place of love, instead of a place of fear and pain.

Automatically, just because we are human beings, we run into very distorted, limited thoughts about ourselves & life, that pull us into unhealthy patterns & negative energy and keeps us feeling stuck and trapped.

Making the time to go deeper into ourselves, through regular meditation, yoga, getting into nature, and other practices, I have found is the key to creating a life of peace, love, and happiness. And when we live in this energy, we lift up those around us.

This is the work I have been called to. I meet my clients where they’re at, no matter their beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, and help them take THEIR next steps towards healing their bodies and minds.

Contact me here to set up an intro session.

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