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My Story

After completing my Bachelor's degree in Documentary Film and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I got married and decided to work as a stay at home mom, subsequently raising 3 children as a military spouse. I learned a lot in those years, and am grateful for the many experiences I had.


About 7 years into my marriage, I had a life-changing awakening which led me to see the world and myself more clearly. I discovered that the religion I was raised in was not the One True Path as I had grown up believing it was. 

After the initial shock of this revelation, I received several insights that allowed me to find peace and enjoy my life on a whole new level. 


I began to feel so much more compassionate (with myself and others) and accepting of things I can't control. I began to feel connected to myself and all of humanity.

I became conscious of part of my life purpose, which includes continuing my work as a counselor, but this time working from home as a life coach. 

Having gone through a divorce in addition to losing my religion, I have found that outside challenges are inevitable, but that there is a way through them. 

In my coaching I help people deal with major life changes in ways that reduce anxiety and emotional pain and invite peace and acceptance.


I help my clients become empowered instead of feeling like victims of their life circumstances.


I help them connect with their cores, and feel their true worth, while rejecting false beliefs about themselves buried in their subconscious (that they are not worthy of love, they don't matter, they are not smart enough, pretty enough, etc). 

It has been a true honor to be a guide and help my fellow humans get through challenges while finding more inner peace, and even excitement, for being alive.

I would love to speak with you to see if this is the next step in your journey. Contact me here to schedule an introductory session.

Namaste, Beautiful Soul.

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