Client Experiences

Debbie, 49, Connecticut: 
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"When I first met Lynleigh, I found myself in a very challenging place on my journey of healing from chronic illness. After 8+ diagnosis and multiple doctors and treatments, I found myself bed-bound with serious symptoms once again, and in need of a guiding light. Lynleigh came into my life when I was most in need of the kind of loving and understanding support she offers. Her empathic nature made it possible for her to see me as I am through my neurological and cognitive challenges and truly understand how I felt. Sessions with Lynleigh have left me feeling regularly supported, heard, and validated. She is a true guide, capable of helping you view your struggles from a new perspective. Our sessions have served as a safe space for me to share my feelings, a time for deep reflection, and have encouraged me to reconnect with my true self. Working with Lynleigh has had a positive influence on my life, and I’m grateful to have met her!""

Cassidy, 26, North Carolina

"Lynleigh listens and cares well! She has the ability to assimilate lots of information at one time, sift thru the chaff and come out on the other side with very relevant, insightful points that I can apply immediately.  Lynleigh has given me tools to: help reduce stress, let go of unproductive relationships and think differently about my fears so that I can thrive not just survive thru life. Each time I end a session with Lynleigh, I have an extra pep in my step knowing I am not stuck and that there is hope and healing. I am very grateful for Lynleigh and her gifts."

Karen, 46, North Carolina 

"Lynleigh has given me tools to not only begin healing from my divorce, but to steer all other parts of my life in a healthy direction: my children, my personal life, and managing my team at work. She's amazing and I enjoy our conversations and the tweaks I am able to make after each call. Her honest and graceful energy has improved my life!" 

Sarah, 41, Missouri

"Working with Lynleigh has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  She has helped me a ton in dealing with relationship challenges, in being able to find my own peace/bliss inside myself, being able to accept myself where I am and not rely on others’ assessments of me, and in moving forward with personal goals I have. She has a great way of being non-judgmental, helping me see myself as a beautiful person, while simultaneously helping me look deeper into what is really going on in order to make the changes/improvements I want to make in my life."

Eva, 33, Utah

World-renowned autoimmune and neurologic expert, Dr. David Pascal, shares why he refers his patients to Lynleigh:

"It has really been an eye opener to see that the brain really can affect your health. And learning that I have the power to break out of old patterns. And to know where they are coming from and that they do not have to continue to be a part of me if I can catch them by using the 3 R's process you taught me. And realizing how my thoughts affect my energy and my wellbeing- whether I am thinking positive thoughts  or negative ones such as judging and comparing myself to others. I thought it was normal to be tense and worried, that is how I grew up. But now I can see, I don't want to be like this my whole life. This awareness has made a big difference in my life."

Kathy, 39, North Carolina 

"I hired Lynleigh when I was going through a pretty rough patch in my life: soon-to- be divorced, raising a special needs son on my own, and having just moved out of our family home of 13 years. I felt very lost, unworthy and defeated. Lynleigh helped me identify that the judgments that I was hearing about myself and my life were not true. To just sit with whatever feeling I was having without fighting it. That I could do things that were just for me. Overall, I was able to see that there were things I could let go of; certain expectations from others and myself, and just allow myself time to grieve, to heal, and to just be and that I could let my son do the same. She has helped me become more relaxed, less anxious, and I allow myself to go with the flow more rather than forcing things. Lynleigh can most definitely help you if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or depressed."

Sandra, 49, Illinois

I have felt so much more comfortable in my own skin since working with you as my life coach. The exercises you have given me have helped me learn to connect with myself on a deeper level. I am more in tune when feelings rise in my body. I am getting better at letting my feelings flow and following my intuition. I feel so much more aligned with who I am and who I want to be.”

Alex, 26, California

"Lynleigh is a uniquely prescient being.  She is a pure light. She can  offer something that I've never seen before in any therapist, counselor, or coach. Communication is not just her forte, it's her passion.  Of judgementalism, she has none; of patience, understanding, and care, she has unknown depths. Working with Lynleigh has helped me have a better understanding of myself, my needs, and my goals. I have the utmost regard for not just her trained, professional skills, but also for her warm, genuine care, and ability to cut through and understand the psyche as a fellow human." 

Ryan, 35, North Carolina

"Just want to say I'm so thankful our paths crossed.

You've been a godsend!"  

Brad​, 44, Virginia

"I've been able to look people in the eye and stand taller. I don't feel uncomfortable; I don't feel ashamed. I feel like this is me; this is who I am. It just hit me when I looked at a cashier, and I looked her in the face and smiled. This is what I was missing for so many years. I was so miserable. I never knew how much I have to offer this world. I don't ever need to be ashamed of myself again."

Laura, 37, North Carolina

"I don't wake up multiple times at night; I'm finally sleeping through the night. I don't get choked up with panic. I'm tapping into the beautiful person within me. I feel like I'm not stuck anymore; I can move."

Shannon, 41, Virginia

"Thank you, thank you, thank you
...a million times over for the experience Lynleigh has given me. Aside from the logistics of working with my schedule and having great customer service, the value of the process with her is something I'm thankful for & utilize on a daily basis. I was experiencing a personal life rut (that kind of dark place that I felt only had one escape) & couldn't find a way out. Through our meetings, Lynleigh recognized my struggle and was able to not only unfold new meaning for my future, but also provided step by step actions on how to emotionally, mentally and physically move forward towards new goals. 
In short, I regained hope by this experience, which is invaluable to me. Again & continually...thank you.'”

Erin, 27, North Carolina

"Lynleigh is easy to talk to and is a very good listener. In just one session she was able to help me identify some of the stressors in my life that are affecting my health in a negative fashion. We talked about strategies to help change those stressors to help me with healing."

Christine, 50, North Carolina

I started working with Lynleigh when my life was full of confusion. I had too many ways to choose and every one I hit did not feel right. I was standing on a threshold to the next stage of my personal growth. But I felt alone, I was looking for an accompaniment at eye and heart level. 

   Then I met Lynleigh and my life has already changed significantly after 6 weeks. Lynleigh picked me up, asked me the real questions and brought my deep-seated fears up. Already in the first conversation we were able to recognize a point that was so deep for me, where I have been stuck for over 10 years.

   For me, Lynleigh combines all the attributes and traits that a coach must have for me. For me it was and is just the perfect match. She does not give advice, but leads into the shadows like an experienced guide. There she dwells with one until the essence has been recognized and ready for transformation.

   Working with Lynleigh is the best thing that has happened to me in years. It awakens potential and leads me directly to the core of my being. From there I find everything I need.

Thank you so much!!”

Nicole, 33, France

"Lynleigh truly has a gift. Her ability to hold space for someone and listen without judgment is transforming and at once enlightening, bringing about a heightened self-awareness and understanding of why you continue to face certain obstacles and how to overcome them. But she doesn’t give you the answers, you find them yourself with her right there. It’s like having the ideal best friend to effectively help you wade through your inner confusions and chaos in a gentle, simple and concrete way. You come away a better, happier person with obstacles cleared. If you’re looking for a service like that, she’s definitely someone worth looking into."

J.C., 38, Utah