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Finding Light in the Storm

Sometimes you might get to a point in your life where two roads diverge in the woods…and the road less traveled has a damn storm looming down its path. But you know this way is the only option if you're going to follow your heart (and you decided awhile back that life is not worth living any other way). So you take it, hoping that through the storm there is a beautiful world waiting on the other side.

With each step down this path, your heart beats a little faster, as you imagine what is in store. You notice though, that the more you let in fear, doubt and worry, the more threatening the storm appears. So you decide to reject the fearful thoughts of your unknown future; fear is simply not productive to your journey. You decide instead to rely on faith, hope, and a certain strength that can only be gained from tapping into the light within you.

As the wind picks up speed, your connection to the light seems to grow

stronger and stronger. Or maybe you are just now recognizing this inner light exists, and finally allowing it to expand into all areas of your life, replenishing your body, mind, and spirit with its calm peace.

But the storm rages on and you start to question whether you should turn around or keep moving forward. You doubt your sanity back at the crossroads and wonder if you made a huge mistake.

Just as you contemplate your retreat, a large piece of debris suddenly flies at you from out of the blue, crashing into your head and knocking you down. You take a moment to realize what has just happened. You hold your head as the pain sets in. Moments later, however, you acknowledge the impermanence of pain, knowing it will soon pass. And so, you press on.

By moving forward despite the gigantic mound throbbing on your head and the increasing appearance of bruises and gashes all over your body, you feel a subtle shift in your very nature. You begin to embody light; it changes your physical appearance as well as your mind and heart. You feel its glow remind you who you are, showing you your true self.

And you realize: you are not what you look like, what you say, how you act, the mistakes you have made, your embarrassing failures, your glaring imperfections. You are also not your favorite selfie, your best performance, your new car, your winning game, or your social media presence. The world sees snapshots of the ways in which you present yourself, but it's not really who you are.

Deep within you is...

love ​​



That’s your essence. It’s pure and bright and beautiful. And it never changes as you age or make mistakes.

As you walk through the storm, you begin to see flickers of light all around you, others who are fighting through very similar obstacles, seeking to follow their own lights within. You realize that although you feel so alone in the storm, there are countless others, past, present, and future, who are going through almost exactly the same challenges that you are.

And suddenly, like a whirlwind taking hold of your heart and mind and syncing it with the universe, you see the true light inside of every human soul.

And you realize we are all connected by this love;

we are all made from the same

universe dust. ​​

And with this new consciousness, what seemed so difficult becomes a lucid dream. You know it's going to be over soon; we're all going to wake up, and this experience is going to be a distant memory. So why not use this storm to your advantage? Why not use it to push yourself past your limits, to overcome what you thought you couldn't, to learn every lesson embedded within each tempest's fury? Why waste your time complaining about the random debris and the overpowering winds?

What good is a lucid dream if you don't act like you know it's a dream? That's the whole benefit: you can get through any challenge and soar high through the sky because you know it's going to be over soon. So why not make the most of it?

Just as you become aware of this reality, you notice the storm begin to dissipate, and a clear sky ahead. As you feel the sun's rays piercing through the last few clouds, you turn back and see the others in what looks like a devastating hurricane. They can't yet see the beautiful blue sky or bask in the warm sunlight you now enjoy.

You want so badly to share what you learned, to help them through it. But you know they must go through their own journeys, learning their own lessons. You whisper, hoping the wind will carry your words back to those fighting souls:

"Stay connected to the light that connects us all."

Beautiful readers, that light is already within you.

Now is the time to let it shine.

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