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Are you afraid of being seen?

I thought I was past my issues with vulnerability.

I have been going out of my comfort zone pretty regularly for the past couple years now:

I stopped wearing makeup for 9 months despite my fear that people would think I was ugly under my makeup.

And that's really just the tip of the iceberg.

But suddenly, I felt like I was back at square one.

You see, lately I have been searching for someone who could help me talk through my issues.

Someone who could guide me to uncover my own resistance, fears, and blocks and encourage me to step into the highest version of myself.

I was also looking for love. And I knew that I wasn't finding it because I was resisting, afraid, hiding from it. Getting to my core issues was the way to finding the kind of love I was looking for.

So I was overjoyed to find someone who I felt might be able to help me do this.

He is a coach who I admire very much, and who has a similar vision and method of helping his clients.

But when I imagined opening up to him, I realized that I, too, am afraid to be seen, up close, by another person.

I had been dealing with my issues on my own for awhile, and now that the person I had been seeking had actually shown up, my Inner Critic was telling me I couldn't do it:

"It's too risky. If anyone knows the kind of stuff you deal with, their opinion of you will dramatically decrease."

Have you ever had these thoughts come up when you think about working with a coach or therapist?

Do you want to become your best self but feel...afraid?

Afraid to look within?

Afraid to share your inner world with another human?

Afraid of looking foolish, weak, vulnerable?

Do you feel that if a coach knew your deepest darkest secrets, she would think less of you?

And who wants yet another person in the world who thinks less of them?

(Especially us former Mormons, who went from "liked and revered," to "avoided and condemned" by hundreds of people, in a split second.)

I just want to remind you that...

Fear is the opposite of love. The two cannot coexist.

If the thought of being vulnerable with a coach is scary, then it's likely that the thought of being vulnerable with a romantic partner is just as scary, if not more.

While it's perfectly normal to feel nervous about sharing your inner world with another person, if we ever want to have a close, intimate relationship with another human, we have to start overcoming this hurdle.

A great way to do this is by taking the step to talk to a coach who does this for a living.

After that initial step towards vulnerability, you will then increase your confidence and build up to being vulnerable with a future or current intimate partner.

Being vulnerable and facing our fears, is always for our highest good (despite what our Inner Critics tell us).

For those who want to take steps towards improving their lives, but are held back by fear of being seen, this is for you:

Dear Beautiful Souls,

This is an important moment in time.

A time when the world needs more souls to step up into their full potential.

To increase the love on this planet by connecting to the love that connects us all.

Are you ready to move into the highest version of yourself?

Do you feel called to bring more love to this planet? To raise the vibration of the world?

If you feel called to become a part of the beautiful souls who are moving into their highest selves, contact me to set up a consultation!

I am here to help YOU. This is my calling. I am not doing this for fame or fortune. I am doing this because I love connecting, one on one, with my fellow humans. I feel so much love for each of you, and to witness positive changes in your lives is one of the most rewarding things ever.

Be brave! Take the next step and let me show you how unintimidating I am on the phone (it's true :) ).

I will provide a safe place for you to be able to grow into your highest self.

I am on my own journey just like you. We are all going through the same universal struggles. And we need each other sometimes! Let's decide together to contact the coach who we feel called to work with!

You are limitless potential. Always remember that.

I love you,

Lynleigh Rose

Here is a 5 minute video I created for you to explain what it's like working with me:

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