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Following your heart is like jumping off a diving board.

Sometimes following your heart is like jumping off a diving board.

You nervously approach the board, palms sweating, mind racing with various fears: the fear of being judged by those watching, fear of the initial leap off the board from a dry state to total submersion. Judgement, change, the unknown....

You may decide now is not the time. You let Fear overcome your desire to take on this challenge. You regretfully turn around, watching others jump who you imagine are braver, more skilled.

Once you finally get up the courage to take the plunge (pardon the pun), it's over so quickly and you are overcome with the most amazing sensation of water all around you. You come up for air, your entire being filled with exhilaration and confidence for what you just accomplished.

Following your heart is like jumping into the water, only this time, you are jumping into Love.

You are jumping into the arms of the universe (God, Source, etc) and feeling your inherent worth and simultaneous connectedness to all living things.

Every time you follow your heart to jump into this expansiveness of Love, you gain immense confidence and a greater sense of who you are. You learn that trusting yourself is always the best option.

You learn that the biggest obstacle to Love, is Fear. Recognizing this, you decide to dismiss Fear promptly the next time it rises within you.

You get back on that board and despite your previous success, you still feel it. Fear. It tries once again to pull you back, to keep you on the sidelines, in the "safe zone."

But you choose to follow your heart once more.

And the universe is there to catch you. To welcome you back into the love that was always there.

You just had to follow your heart to find it.

Namaste, beautiful souls!

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