Empowered Healing Circle is Open!

Sensitive souls are a beautiful kind of human. You are intuitive, you see through others’ BS, you can read people’s thoughts & emotions.

But you also feel more pain, you may struggle mentally at times, you may wonder if you are crazy. Other people may tell you that you are crazy. You may question your own inner knowing.

Going through dark times is not a reflection of your worthiness, and does not mean you are not spiritual or doing something wrong.

On the contrary, dark times are an inevitable part of our journey, and good can come from the experience if we chose to learn the lessons and eventually help others with the wisdom we've gained.

This is how we can transmute dark to light.

Next week I’m starting an Empowered Healing Circle to do just that. Out of the darkness I have emerged and I feel it is my responsibility to help others using the lessons I have learned.

This group is focused not on dwelling in the pain, and not on suppressing pain, but on rising up out of the pain and learning ways to transmute darkness into Light.

We will learn to tune into the loving, healing energy of God/Source, the energy that we are all a part of and connected to.

We may look at what is blocking that flow of Life Force Energy, or Prana, and learning ways to release those blocks.