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What Homeless Teens Taught Me About Life

Giving a voice to the voiceless is something I've been passionate about since I made my first documentary my senior year of high school. It followed several homeless teenagers in Pasadena, CA. They let me follow them around all day, starting with shooting up heroin first thing in the morning behind a dumpster. Then they showed me the parks they hung out in, the abandoned YMCA building where they slept at night (including the indoor swimming pool they used as a toilet), and the drop-in shelter they showered in.

Being exposed to illegal activity felt dark and scary to me as an 18 year old. However, when I sat down to interview these teens, I learned more about why they were on the streets: they came from broken homes, they never felt seen or had their basic needs met. I saw tears in their eyes as they shared their deepest fears, hopes and dreams.

And suddenly, something shifted inside me. These were teenagers, just like me. Well, not just like me on the outside. But on the inside, they were people, human beings. My judgement started to fade away and I began to see the world as a collection of people who, deep inside, were so much like me.

Years later, I went through another profound realization. This was the realization that the church I was raised in was not the one true church and only path to God. This changed everything for me. My whole identity had been built on my belief in this church. When that was gone, I had no idea who I was.

I call this point my "spiritual awakening" because I began to see my True Self under the layers of identity that I had created up to that point. I discovered that I was not just a Mormon, a military wife, and external identity. Inside, I was a Soul, a Soul with dreams, desires for growth, service, and freedom. And I also knew that every single human being was also a Soul. This caused me to again, start seeing people under the layers of their external identity.

Ever since my awakening journey began in 2014, I have had the desire to make a documentary, sharing my story and the stories of others who have experienced similar awakenings, bravely leaving the cultural and religious beliefs of their upbringing and facing the possibility of losing the only support system they had ever known.

What I was experiencing was so significant, so life-altering, and so misunderstood, I wanted to bring it to light, in hopes that it might create more understanding and less judgement for my family and friends. I wanted to give a "voice to the voiceless."

I actually started making two different documentaries. However, I got sick and went through a very challenging time that blocked my efforts to move forward.

Now, after years of personal healing and coaching others, I finally feel ready to begin using my voice. So a few months ago, I began a podcast: Awakening with Lynleigh Rose.

With my podcast, I get to interview others about their awakening experiences, in hopes that our conversations will inspire, motivate, and encourage those listening to keep moving forward on their journey, even when they feel like giving up. I, like so many of the clients I've worked with, have been in some very low points; it helps to hear that these low points don't last forever!

I decided to begin Season 2 with a new format, to include video (only when listening on Spotify). These episodes will be honest conversations about what it's like to awaken out of old identities and belief systems, do inner healing work, and tips on how to live a more aligned, empowered life.

Check out the latest episode below, with one of my childhood friends, Candice Balkman, from Culver City, California. She talks about the inner work she has been doing over the past few years to change unhealthy relationship patterns with her family of origin, and become a more conscious parent. It's filled with insights and I guarantee you will be inspired to take action towards setting boundaries and speaking your truth!

Don't forget to subscribe on Anchor or on Spotify here to make sure you don't miss an episode!

Have a beautiful week friends! And don't forget to look up! The sun keeps rising and the possibilities are endless.


Lynleigh Rose


P.S. That pic above is about a year after I made the documentary about homeless teenagers. I was in Pasadena again, looking to make a follow up and see if I could find anyone I had previously filmed. If you are interested in watching the original doc, shoot me a message and I'll send you a link!


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