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Dear Sensitive Soul: You are so beautiful

Dear Sensitive Soul,

Your sweet, loving soul has been through so much.

Living in this world has always been a challenge for you. Even in your mother's womb, you could feel the energy, the thoughts, the heaviness of those around you.

Your first moments alive were excruciating: the lights, the pain, the fear. It became your first trauma, which affected your ability to feel safe for years to come.

You felt everything more intensely--you cried easily, you were overstimulated frequently.

As you grew, you existed with your head out of the box everyone else seemed to be living in. You could read people, you could see through the discrepancies, the contradictions, the lies. You could see the truth, when no one else could.

Many times you felt scared, confused and alone. There was no one validating your experience. No one encouraging you to listen to your intuition, or to embrace your sensitivities. Quite the contrary.

They told you, "You're too sensitive, too much to handle, too mentally ill, too messed up." And you listened because they were God in your eyes, the people who knew you the best. You trusted their assessment of you. You believed them when they said "We know you better than you know yourself."

"There must be something wrong with me," you concluded. And you began noticing all the ways you didn't fit in. You felt you were inherently inferior, an annoyance, a mess.

You lived in this state for quite some time. A false sense of self developed. It became like black tar, covering up your light.

You stuffed down your feelings, you dismissed your inner knowing. You tried to be like them. You wanted to be loved and accepted. You wanted to fit in.

And then your body started to shut down. You didn't know why. You were just trying to live like everyone else. "There is definitely something wrong with me. I am failing at life. Everything they said must be true."

As your physical body falls apart, you wonder if this is it. "Will I survive this darkness?" Without feeling loved and cared for, seen and appreciated, it's easy to lose hope.

And then you hear the words, "You are beautiful."

You look up, and see a familiar face. Someone who seems to know you, to see you. And you wonder, could this be true?

It doesn't feel true. A voice in your mind tells you you're the one with all the problems. It lists the reasons you are not good enough...and it's a pretty convincing list.

But your heart feels something stirring. The hard layer of tar is beginning to crack open. You feel your Light shining through.

Your guide helps you break off the pieces of tar that have blocked you from feeling your Light. You start to let go of the false beliefs, the false story that was internalized about who you are.

You learn to love yourself, your whole self, your real self, and start to appreciate your sensitivities, seeing them as gifts and beautiful pieces of who you are and what you are here to do.

A mirror has been held up, to help you remember. And from that point on, everything changes.

Dear Sensitive Soul,

You are so beautiful. I see you. I love you. I AM you. We are in this together.

Your guide and soul sister,

Lynleigh Rose


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