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A Safe, Healing Space for Sensitive Souls

Sensitive souls are a beautiful species of human being.

They have so many intuitive gifts and higher awareness, they think outside the box, they are deeply moved by art and music, love deeply and passionately... AND are more easily overstimulated, overwhelmed, and stressed, leaving them prone to develop symptoms of mental illness and autoimmune issues.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) myself, I have found being human to be quite a challenge at times. Besides being easily overwhelmed and affected by things that others didn't seem to have an issue with, I have often felt misunderstood, like I don't fit in, and crazy when the majority of people seem to not experience life as deeply as I do.

After getting a masters in Counseling, and having 3 kids while struggling with anxiety and depression, I went through a faith crisis and spiritual awakening, suffered from debilitating autoimmune issues, and subsequently learned how to survive on this planet as a full-time single mom, creating a career that aligns with who I am, and a life that brings a lot of peace and happiness.

My mission is to be a guide to support other sensitive souls, on your healing journey, out of chronic disease and into a life that supports your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing in this world.

I created a Facebook group for my clients, past clients, and those who are looking for supportive community, specifically for highly sensitive souls, as you continue on your healing journey.

If you are needing a supportive community of souls on similar journeys, then click here to join the group.

And if you are in need of one-on-one support right now, click here to contact me.

Blessings, love and healing energy,

Lynleigh Rose

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