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I felt frustrated & depressed... until did this:

Do you have certain people you interact with that cause you frustration?

I recently had an interaction that really triggered my emotions and I was totally not myself for a whole evening.

I couldn't even eat dinner with my kids. I was crying, I was feeling angry, frustrated, and even depressed. The feeling was palpable, right in the center of my chest.

So I decided to take my own advice and sit with my feelings. I breathed, with my hand over my heart. I let myself fully feel what was coming up. I got curious about it. I asked, "Why is this so triggering to me? What do I need to see that I'm not seeing? What is the lesson here?" And I took a long epsom salt bath just sitting with it all.

After awhile it came into my awarenesses that that these feelings were not me, they were simply passing through me (which I already knew, but when you are in the middle of it, it's hard to hear what your inner wisdom knows). If I decided to identify with this energy, embody it, and act from this angry, frustrated place then I knew nothing good would come from that.

So I decided to do the little trick of shifting my energy. I've found that many times, we can help ourselves through difficult emotional experiences by consciously shifting our energy out of a negative place into a place that feels better. I do this when my current life circumstances are quite difficult and negatively affecting my internal state.

I learned awhile ago that my internal state of being, my energetic frequency or vibration, is creating my reality. When I am feeling really dark- angry, depressed, hopeless, etc, I want to get out of that victim-type energy and into the energy of peace, to attract more positive, peaceful experiences into my life.

(For those who are not familiar with this, here's a bit more: The frequency of the energy we embody is attracting experiences that produce the same energy. So, for example, if I dwell on the feeling of being burned out with my kids, and walk around focusing on how little time alone I have and that becomes my inner dialogue, then I will attract more experiences that make me feel that way, such as babysitters falling through, kids home sick, etc.).

So after processing through the feelings and letting myself feel whatever was coming up, I decided to feel into the vibe of how I wanted to feel: "Everything is working out for my highest good," "I feel calm and peaceful," "I can enjoy every moment." And as I opened up to these feelings, and let myself truly feel as if this were my reality, my body felt lighter, and my energy came back. I was able to get up, feeling great, feeling actually happy again, and grateful for my kids and my life.

Energy can shift in an instant. Think about when someone you like calls you- instant rush of excitement! Or if you hear news that someone you love passed away- instant sadness. This is the way we work as human beings. Emotions automatically overwhelm our bodies at times, and how we respond to this natural process makes all the difference in our overall wellbeing and health.

When we realize that these emotions are NOT us, they are simply passing through us, we can give ourselves the space to let ourselves feel whatever is coming up, and then let it pass, and shift into an energy that feels better, loving ourselves through the process (instead of judging ourselves, and putting ourselves down for feeling bad, which only keeps us stuck in the lower energetic frequencies).

When we don't give ourselves time to process, release, and shift out of difficult emotions, over time our health can suffer due to an excess amount of stress in the body and our relationships can also suffer due to unneccesary conflict.

I wanted to share this experience as an example of how I use Empowered Healing principles in my own life. I am a healing guide, but also a human being, going through my own challenges and experiences. How I choose to handle my frustrations affects my health, happiness, and my ability to show up for others as a clear channel.

You will find that as you process your emotions with love, release them, and choose to shift your energy into a vibration that aligns with the energy you want to create your life from, life starts to feel a bit magical. Good things start happening. You will start to be more aware of your core essence, and let go of layers of false self you have been holding onto. This process raises your own frequency, so that you are living in a more elevated state of being. You are in the drivers seat of your life, instead of the passengers seat. You will start to feel your center, your truth, your power, your beauty. This is waking up to your true self, healing yourself from the inside out, and rediscovering joy, amidst the seeming chaos of life, amidst sickness, amidst your whole world turning upside down. You will begin to tap into the peaceful river running through your body. You can do this, one breath at a time, one moment at a time. And I am always here to support you on your journey.

Blessings to you, Beautiful Soul,

Lynleigh Rose


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