I felt frustrated & depressed... until did this:

Do you have certain people you interact with that cause you frustration?

I recently had an interaction that really triggered my emotions and I was totally not myself for a whole evening.

I couldn't even eat dinner with my kids. I was crying, I was feeling angry, frustrated, and even depressed. The feeling was palpable, right in the center of my chest.

So I decided to take my own advice and sit with my feelings. I breathed, with my hand over my heart. I let myself fully feel what was coming up. I got curious about it. I asked, "Why is this so triggering to me? What do I need to see that I'm not seeing? What is the lesson here?" And I took a long epsom salt bath just sitting with it all.

After awhile it came into my awarenesses that that these feelings were not me, they were simply passing through me (which I already knew, but when you are in the middle of it, it's hard to hear what your inner wisdom knows). If I decided to identify with this energy, embody it, and act from this angry, frustrated place then I knew nothing good would come from that.

So I decided to do the little trick of shifting my energy. I've found that many times, we can help ourselves through difficult emotional experiences by consciously shifting our energy out of a negative place into a place that feels better. I do this when my current life circumstances are quite difficult and negatively affecting my internal state.

I learned awhile ago that my internal state of being, my energetic frequency or vibration, is creating my reality. When I am feeling really dark- angry, depressed, hopeless, etc, I want to get out of that victim-type energy and into the energy of peace, to attract more positive, peaceful experiences into my life.