What Trump's Leaked Tape Shows Us About Ourselves. Published on elephant journal.

On Saturday, during Hurricane Matthew, I hunkered down in my North Carolina home, and followed my inspiration to write an article which I submitted to elephant journal that night.

This was the first time I have ever submitted an article to be published anywhere besides my own blogs.

Folks, I am a writer. That is my passion and that is what I love to do more than almost anything else. And yet I have never had the courage to submit an article to an outside publication until now.

You see, I have been "plagued by the curse of the multi-passionate—the paralysis of possibility, the overwhelm of choice" as coach Brandilyn Tebo explains. I have struggled with feeling like I have 10 lifetimes worth of projects to pursue, worthy causes to put my heart into, and picking one has felt like I would be letting down all others. Because of this, I have had a hard time following through with anything.

However lately, as I have been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's absolutely life changing book, "Big Magic," I have begun to hone in on my main passions, and start to take steps towards specific goals. I have begun to let go of my inner perfectionist, who tells me that I must have a million people read and critique my work before it is ready to submit anywhere.

So with the storm raging around my house that day, inspiration struck and I followed it. I followed it further than I ever had before, and submitted my article, written and proofread by myself only, to a website I have been following lately.

You can imagine my excitement when I received an email the following morning that my article had been accepted!

So submit your work. Don't just sit around thinking about your goals; take steps towards them. A completed article is better than a perfect one.

Without further ado....

What Trump's Leaked Tape Shows Us About Ourselves

(Published on elephant journal.com October 10, 2016)

Find the entire article here.

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