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You are already beautiful.

If you died today and looked back at your life, what would stand out?

How good you looked? No.

Who you loved, how you loved, those moments you felt alive, moments you were in a state of connectedness with the divine....

You see, our bodies are NOT an accurate representation of who we are. They are just what we ended up with. The mixed DNA from our father and mother. The product of natural selection.

Some of us are missing limbs, others are born blind. Some are born petite with high metabolism, others are born with broad frames and more prone to gaining weight. And those are things we cannot change. Yet, sadly, so many of us obsess over the unchangeable parts of our appearance.

Remind yourself when you look in the mirror:

"I accept myself as I am. My body is beautiful. I am beautiful."

However, there do exist aspects of our bodies that we can control.

And how we feel about ourselves affects how we take care of our bodies.

So, my dear friends, please remember:

How you think about yourself determines how you look.

I hope you will catch yourself the next time a negative thought enters your mind about any part of yourself, including your body. Recognize, and reject it.

Instead fill your mind with messages of love, acceptance, and kindness. Only then will your physical appearance radiate the glorious light that is already inside you.

You are already beautiful, my beloved souls. Treat yourself accordingly, and the rest will take care of itself.

Namaste, beautiful souls!

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