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Seeing the Beauty in My Small Breasts

The other day I had a realization.

I have always thought that big, round breasts were the ideal womanly physical attribute . As a small chested girl, over the years I have sought ways to make my boobs appear bigger- padded bras, push up bras, pulling/stretching them, and even taking breast enhancement pills at one point when I was 25 (which was totally a scam and didn't work at all to my disappointment).

But at the end of the day, I was discouraged that all my efforts were NOT transforming my breasts into the ones I had hoped for since I was a preteen.

I know I keep telling other people to "Accentuate what you have. Love your body." So, I asked myself, "Ok, Lynleigh, how can you do that with your boobs?"

And then it hit me.

Maybe the beauty of my breasts lies not in their roundness, but in their perkiness. Maybe I need to accentuate what I do have: nipples. At least I have those, right?

Instead of wearing a padded bra and hiding the shape of my breasts all together, or wearing a tight sports bra and flattening myself out even more, why can't I accentuate the beauty of my chest and allow my nipples the freedom to poke through under my top?

Because it's not socially acceptable?

I understand that certain people might feel uncomfortable if they see a woman's nipples poking out through her shirt. Some might get turned on. Some might blush of embarrassment.

I have two things to say to that:

1- Wouldn't they have the same reaction if a large busted woman walked in? I mean, large boobs are hard to miss, even if they are completely covered up.

And 2- This is an opportunity to take a closer look at the underlying beliefs that trigger our responses. If you are uncomfortable, to see evidence of a woman's nipples, why is that? Do you feel the human body is something to be ashamed of, or hidden? And if you are physically aroused...why is that a bad thing? Do you feel that you will lose control and rape the girl? (I will save my rant on this for a later time.)

Everyone knows women have nipples. They know where the nipples are located on a woman's body. So why should they be surprised to see evidence of the true shape of a woman's chest?

For heaven's sake, that's all I have! If I can't even accentuate what I DO have, then something's not right.

Whether it's an unspoken social rule or not... I think everyone can benefit by reflecting on social norms every so often, and realizing that there are some social rules that are simply pointless (pun intended).

So to recap, I have:

1- recognized and rejected the lies that only big breasts are beautiful.

2- I have desired and decided to see my own breasts as beautiful.

3- I am now taking action. I'm going to do something totally out of my comfort zone. Something that I feel is divinely revealed to me as a way to see an aspect of my true beauty...

My Plan:

I'm going to throw away my padded bras and carefully select tops which are condusive to going braless, or which have built in bras that still accentuate my own natural breasts.

I could go a step further and become a "free the nipple" advocate...Seriously, why can't women go topless but men can? What's up with that? .... But we'll save that for another time.

Whether you support me or not, I am ok with that. Because I no longer care what you, or anyone else thinks of me. :) My soul is free to be the person I truly am.

And this mom is going to go braless if that's what I feel like doing. And totally embrace every part of myself.

I invite you to do the same (in your own unique way, whatever that may be).

(Full disclosure: I am currently weaning from nursing, so my breast size will continue to decrease from the current size of this photo, so, yes, they are a lot smaller than that normally.)

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