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My Moving Fiasco (And How I Turned It Around)

Two weeks ago I was sitting in my old house, everything boxed up, waiting for my movers to show up with their truck and move me an hour north, to Raleigh, North Carolina. This was the move I had been dreaming of for the past year.

As a homeschooling, and newly single mom of 3, I knew we needed to be closer to activities, events, and people that would enrich my kids' lives. We had been living in a very isolated area, and spending a lot on gas to drive an hour to museums, cultural events, and even to visit the love of my life, Trader Joe's. Most of all, we needed friends, and I knew this would be more likely within a thriving community, such as Raleigh.

However, after applying for and getting rejected for 4 different houses, I was feeling a little discouraged (turns out landlords don't look so highly on single moms who rely on child support for part of their income). But rather than give up, I decided to change something in order to be a more attractive applicant .

So I got a side job at a restaurant (to show additional proof of income). And the next day, I found and immediately applied for the house of my dreams (well, the house of my dreams right now, within my current budget).

I was ecstatic to hear that my application was accepted. I signed the lease, and two weeks later picked up the keys.

I packed up my house completely on my own (while trying to take care of 3 kids...), and sold a large portion of my furniture. On Saturday, I had dropped my kids off at their dad's house, and the movers were on their way.

Or so I thought.

But life, I've learned, is wise, and never easy. The challenges that followed not only gave me an opportunity to practice principles that I coach my clients on, but a chance to make this video and hopefully inspire some of you who may be going through your own obstacles.

So without further ado,

Lynleigh's Transformational Tips Presents...

My Moving Fiasco (And How I Turned It Around):

Namaste, beautiful souls!

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