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The answer to all of our problems.

I look at the world and see such a diverse collection of forms--different colors, shapes, and sizes. We all express ourselves differently, have different talents and gifts, different limitations.

But do we realize we are all connected? Made from the same universe dust?

As members of the human race we have the opportunity to see past our different exterior forms and stop judging and comparing ourselves, putting ourselves above or below each other.

We have the challenge to stop believing that we are separate, and realize that

We Are ONE.

Why can't we see it?

Our core essence is buried under layers and layers of muck. This muck is sticky, like tar, and hard to scrape off. We have held onto emotional baggage for years because it became our IDENTITY. Without it, we didn't know who we were. It was a warm blanket, protecting us from failure and judgement.

Yet also protecting us from our own light, our potential, the limitless possibilities in our lives.

This muck, our "ego," is a collection of all the messages about ourselves we have internalized based on our interactions with others from the time we were born.

This false self image was essentially formed by souls who did NOT have the ability to see our true light. They were most likely not even conscious of their own.

So why did we believe their assessment of us? Why did we let their perception of us become our own?

It's time to recognize those false beliefs about ourselves (that we are not good enough, that we are not worthy of love, etc) and

Let them fall away.

Only then can we take a look at what is left, buried underneath the idea of the person we thought we were.

That is where we connect. That is where love abides. It is coursing through us all, deep within our souls.


I love you all in whatever state you are in, however you are choosing to express yourself, whatever your understanding of your core being, in this moment.

You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are love.

We are all part of each other.

And that is all that matters.

Namaste, beautiful souls!

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