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Naked Yoga: Embracing My Small Boobs

I've struggled my whole life feeling that my small boobs made me inferior.

That I was less of a woman than those with larger breasts. That because my boobs never grew big enough to fill an A cup, I was inherently flawed.

I felt cheated by God, by nature, and internally wrestled with a painful dilemma: Should I get a boob job or try to love myself as I am?

I now believe that somewhere in my small breasts there is beauty. That my breast size has nothing to do with my femininity. That my womanhood is independent of the amount of fatty tissue under my nipples.

Just as I challenged my deeply held belief that I was ugly under my makeup and stopped wearing it for 9 months in order to see beauty in my natural face, I am now facing my boob insecurity head on by taking a yoga class. Topless.

Here are my thoughts before and after my first "clothing optional" yoga experience:

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