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When It Feels Like No One Cares

Sometimes we can become desperate, frantic even, for love, for closeness, for genuine connection.

We may go through periods, days, weeks, months, where it seems no one is reaching out to us. We feel forgotten. Alone.

We humans are wired for human connection, so being in this place can feel uncomfortable, even unbearable.

We feel as if our value diminishes when people are not expressing interest in us, desiring to be a part of our lives.

So what do we do? We turn to social media. We turn to our phones. We check our text messages and email more often.

Surely someone is about to contact us to relieve us of this discomfort, we say to ourselves. Better check again.

We fail to see that this break, this lull in our social lives, is not evidence that we are unlovable.

This is our time to reach out to and connect with the person we have been neglecting all along: ourselves.

Spend this time taking care of yourself by doing that which nourishes your body, mind & spirit.

Follow your gut and finally take that yoga class, or go to that meetup group, or try something totally new and out of your comfort zone.

Laugh with yourself. Talk to yourself. Explore yourself in new ways, through music, dance, art.

Look around and notice what you want to change in your home, or work environment, to make it a closer reflection of your true self.

Connect with the planet by taking 5 minutes and looking up at the sky, noticing the wise guardian trees, and listen to their messages for you.

You do not need others to be ok. You are always ok, whether you realize it or not. You are a part of the Universe just as valuable as every other part.

The most attractive people, the ones we love being around, are the ones who have taken the time to tune into themselves and live in alignment with who they are deep down.

It has nothing to do with anything about them, it's a choice anyone can make to connect with their own Souls.

When you make this choice, you will uncover, even through your past pain, Beauty you didn't even know existed. And once you feel that Light, it will have no choice but to shine.

Namaste, Beautiful Soul.

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